Cookie creator extraordinaire Teoni is excited to announce her partnership with Furniss Biscuits


Cookie creator extraordinaire Teoni is excited to announce her partnership with Furniss Biscuits, and the launch of Furniss Cookies By Teoni.


Teoni and Furniss Biscuits are excited to announce their new partnership and unveil a new range by launching a fantastic cookie range known as “Furniss Cookies By Teoni”.  


Teoni, having developed and produced innovative, delicious cookies for decades, has brought her skills to the oldest and most prestigious biscuit company in Cornwall, all to help drive innovation and growth into new markets.  


‘Furniss Cookies By Teoni’ is launching with ten fantastic flavours to the market in July 2021, which will expand the Furniss range and strengthen their position as the leading supplier of biscuits and cookies in the UK. These cookies are a perfect combination of delightfully luxurious flavours with a unique rustic packaging style.


Reacting to the current market trends, six of these fabulous flavours are suitable for Vegans: Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip, Pecan and Maple, Stem Ginger, Dipped Chocolate Chip and Dipped Stem Ginger.

Other flavours include:

 - Banoffee,

 - Fudge,

 - White Chocolate Chip

 -  White Chocolate Cranberry. 


Chris Pauling, Managing Director at Furniss, said, “We’re delighted to have partnered with Teoni on this exciting range extension, and we’re extremely proud to launch these ten cookie products, all with delicious flavours and packaged with a rustic feel. We believe these cookies will be a huge success in the market. With summer around the corner, now is a great time to be celebrating Great British food. What better way to enjoy an afternoon tea, a picnic, or a much-needed accompaniment to your coffee, than with the exquisite flavours of these cookies”.


Teoni Payne said, “It is an absolute honour to have teamed up with Furniss Biscuits, and I am thrilled that we can bring these superb cookies to the marketplace.  It is wonderful to be able to perfectly bake these cookies, using the highest levels of quality ingredients that we can source and packaging them in an environmentally conscious way.

We feel it is important to remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  We are focusing on supplying truly delicious products with sustainability in mind - bringing you the very best cookies ever.” 


All ten flavoured delicious cookies are launching in July and are available from a wide range of UK wholesalers as well as the Furniss online shop.


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